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Track It! Track It! Track it!

November 1, 2017

Are You Tracking Your Marketing Efforts? How are you keeping track of what marketing is working for you? It’s crucial that you know what is and isn’t working. You don’t…

Happy Halloween! Use Holiday’s To Connect With Your Clients

October 31, 2017

Holiday’s are a great time to connect or reconnect with your clients or prospects. People’s attention is focused on whatever is happening on the calendar. When a holiday rolls around…

Hold a Weekly Meeting with Yourself. No Arguing with Yourself. Haha

October 30, 2017

Are you winging it or are you organized? It really isn’t that difficult to organize yourself and be ahead of the fires rather than constantly putting them out. Stop! Put…

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  • Chris is the best. Easy to follow, understand, down to earth.

    - Magdalene W, Hawaii
  • I enjoyed the training, extremely professional.

    - Daphne T, Florida
  • Incredible, explained everything in detail. I’m very happy.

    - Bernard V, New York
  • Clear. Precise. Knowledgeable. Patient.

    - Peter B, U.K.